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Since our shop had a fire (July 3rd) we have not received any help from our NRA insurance. Promises are made and never kept, there is no sense of urgency from the NRA or the insurance company. We need your help to put some pressure on the ones we entrusted to help protect our 2nd Amendment rights and business. If you could take a few minutes out of your day to call or email (name removed due to cease and desist demand letter), it will go a long way. The NRA is always asking for money from us but when it comes time to reciprocate and help us replace what was lost, we are no longer a priority.


UPDATE 8/31/18
(name removed due to cease and desist demand letter) is demanding that we take his contact info off our website.  He refuses to call us but he did send us an email.  The same email that he sent to all of you.  A bullshit email that says he does not and will not offer us any help.  This is not the NRA that I signed up for.  I joined the NRA many years ago to belong to an organization that uses it's voice to assist members in times of need... More to come on this.

UPDATE 11/8/18

We received a cease and desist demand letter from the NRA telling us to remove contact info from our website, even though they changed it.  We have complied but I find it ironic that when they need help, they ask for us, the members to contact people.  Our insurance still has not paid out but now our NRA Endorsed workers compensation policy is being audited.  When they called to ask for the info they specifically stated "NRA Endorsed policy".  Just more issues with the insurance the NRA made money off of.

UPDATE 11/1/18

This has been an experience that I NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER want to repeat.  Fire happened on July 3rd due to hot metal shavings from the milling machine.

At this point we still have not finalized the insurance claim and they keep telling us it should happen soon.  The remodel of our existing unit, #11, just started.  The building was sold in September and the previous owner purposely did not begin any of the remodel as he was trying get the building sold even though he was legally required to start the remodel per the language of our lease agreement and WI law.  He also kept dragging us along by telling us that the work would begin once his insurance claim was settled.  Now we have a new owner and his property manager is trying to get all the tenants to fix the multitude of building code violations that were from the previous owner.  We advised the new owner prior to purchase regarding building code violations and he continued with the purchase.  The previous owners insurance company talked to us regarding replacing the roof, replacing all the drywall in most of the units, replacing all of the roof insulation, replacing all of the wiring, replacing the hvac units, and much more.  Now with talking to the contractor, which is one guy who is working incredibly fast for it just being him, most of that is not going to be replaced.  I wonder who is benefiting financially from this as it is NOT US.  We are just getting screwed every single day by someone else who has significantly more money than we do.  We have been discussing this with our lawyer but without any income we cannot afford to pay what is needed to protect our rights. So it is left in the hands of the insurance company.

We are trying our best to get this handled as it is severely impacting our business.  We have had basically zero revenue for 4 months and we are fighting to stay alive.  Please be patient.

The inefficiencies in the insurance industry are absolutely amazing.  Our insurance adjuster lied and prolonged the claim on multiple occasions.  Getting accurate and truthful information from anyone except Tracie is impossible.  I have attempted everything in my power to expedite this, from calling Lloyds of London in London to driving to my adjusters house and there is nothing I can do to speed this up. Trust me I want this over more than the customers do.  At this point with loss of inventory, sales, and machines we are expecting to lose between $450,000 and $500,000 so please understand that we are doing everything that we can.

Machine status.

-Lathe - up and running

-milling machines - not replaced yet

-welders - not replaced yet

-saws - not replaced yet

We can currently perform general gunsmithing, lathe, barrel and action work.  Pretty much anything that doesn't require us to cut, weld, drill or use a milling machine.  We have a drill press but we are NOT HACKS, so we will not attempt to drill anything that requires accuracy.

11/12 UPDATE

Hopefully we are on the home stretch with the insurance.  Last week they said they were going to request the funds for a partial payment but with checking in today they still have not done that.  We had to resubmit a form for approval.  Also, the remainder of the claim is now being examined by a second accountant and I have to resend in a ton of forms that is extremely time consuming and some of which has already been done.  The accountant says that once these forms are received that they should be able to have their part wrapped up in a couple days but the way this has been going, I highly doubt it. 

We've moved . . .

a block east.

2103 South Grand Ave #11 

Just off 59, between the OLD Action Sports and our old location