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Help with your next build.

WITAC BIY AR / AK . . . Build It Yourself with WITAC!

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Who Is Wisconsin Tactical?

At 500 Yards . . .

Let WITAC  Put You

In The Black . . .

Silencer Laws Have Changed and WITAC is Changing to help you . . .  We're adding finger printing .  So the complete Process is done at WITAC . . . No running all over, no wasting your valuable time. Let WITAC show you the way . . . WITAC Carries the most popular brands . . .

What You Need To Know

Wisconsin Tactical

         Products . . .

You will be missed.


Just come in, select your parts, schedule a time and be ready to smile . . .

Cancer SUCKS . . .

Building an AK is nothing

like building an AR . . . You Get Your hands dirty.

First the flat receiver is drilled and bent . . . Heat Treated . . . Painted, Assembled and Test Fired

Oh . . .Did I forget to mention riveting, milling . . . And

you better have access to a machine shop . . . Or just signup

for our AK Build Class . . .  262-349-9079.

Class is $500, and takes around 10-14 hrs spread over a weekend.


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Precious in the Sight of the LORD Is the Death of His Faithful saints. ~Psalm 116:15

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Food For Thought

Everyone says they're gunsmiths . . . Wisconsin Tactical is the Real Deal.

Rest assured we stand behind every firearm we work on.  That's why we're Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith.


WITAC Suppressors . . .


Between the fire mitigation teams, inspectors and insurance adjusters, we have a lot going on. We will try our best to address your issues.

Please email with any questions or concerns. Using email will make things go more smoothly as there is only one phone line and many of you. We will try to answer same day.

We will be setting up appointments on an individual basis, please wait for your phone call.

Please be patient as we have not forgotten about our customers. We are doing everything in our power to take care of everyone. That being said, the more pleasant you are with us the more pleasant we will be with you.

And You Won't

Stop Smiling . . .

WITAC ONLINE for the best firearm prices in Waukesha

WITAC Custom Precision Rifles

Wisconsin Tactical, 2103 S Grand Ave. #11, Waukesha, WI  53189

WITAC Custom AK's

WITAC Custom AR's, WITAC Custom Rifles

Wisconsin Firearm Transfers

Purchase ON-LINE and Save$$$, Time and Hassle . . .

Wisconsin Tactical has partnered with our distributors to give you their complete inventories at just a click . . .Place your order and pickup at the store . . . And Save!

WITAC Online Sales

Cheapest firearm transfers in Wisconsin . . . $40 for a rifle or a handgun . . . WHY PAY MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO?

            Wisconsin FFL Transfers . . .

Click  "Transfers" on the bar at the top or the "Transfers" Button at the right and fill out the form. . . It's that easy.

Wisconsin Tactical Gunsmithing

Wisconsin's Premier Gunsmith

Wisconsin Tactical gunsmithing and custom firearms, believes everyone should have the gun of their dreams, no one should have to live with factory sights, heavy jerky trigger pulls or drab boring paint jobs . . .

Wisconsin Tactical, dedicated and supported by the largest gunsmithing machine shop in the area, from CNC's, surface grinders, to specialized milling equipment. We have it all . . .

We are Wisconsin's premier gunsmith, the only gunsmith in Wisconsin willing to do what ever it takes to make dreams come true . . . We are WITAC.

Home of the Best Gunsmiths in Wisconsin

   Current Turn Around

               3-4 Months


Wisconsin Tactical Gunsmithing

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Wisconsin Tactical

2103 S Grand #11,

Waukesha, WI  53189



1st Road East of

Kwiq Trip

OFF 59

New Summer Hours

10:00am-6:00pm M - F

10:00am-2:00pm Sat

closed Sun

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We are working on getting all work orders and transfers processed.

We just got our internet up and running, we will be contacting customers as fast as we can.

We've moved . . .

a block east.

2103 South Grand Ave #11 

Just off 59, between the OLD Action Sports and our old location